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The European Union
of Aquarium Curators
represents more than
120 members from
21 countries.

Over 70 million people visit
European aquariums every year.


Code of Ethics

1.The aquarium must always act in the best interest of nature conservation and of animal protection.

2.The aquarium shall always act in strict accordance with the laws and all regulations (e.g regarding trade of plants, animals and their derivatives i.e. CITES, EU regulations et al).

3.The aquarium should not exhibit in it’s collections animals which are known cannot be kept for a reasonable length of time.

4.The aquarium will initiate and actively support educational endeavours within its premises as far as it’s possibilities allow.

5.The aquarium will welcome and support scientific research within it’s premises as far as it’s possibilities allow.

6.The aquarium will contribute to a free and open flow of information and is willing to communicate with fellow members of E.U.A.C. openly and without restriction, and give them free and open access to their premises.

7.The aquarium should be prepared on a non-commercial basis to assist fellow institutions.

8.The aquarium will participate in breeding efforts and E.U.A.C. professional improvement projects (e.g. FAITAG) wherever possible.

9.The aquarium must not trade in souvenirs containing species or parts of species considered to be at risk.

Guidelines for the acquisition of animals can be downloaded here